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Equity for Punks...Again

Equity for Punks…Again

The $1 Billion Ballast Point deal earlier this month had me thinking about value and growth in the craft beer industry, and about a previous deal that I had covered – BrewDog’s Equity for Punks 4. James Watt’s ears must have been burning, because he sent me an email on exactly the same subject last...
Four Brews - Marks and Spencer Beer

Four Brews – Marks and Spencer Beer

Marks and Spencer has established itself as Britain’s best supermarket for craft beers. With a range from the UK’s best breweries and some really decent American stuff, it’s a dependable source an nearly every high street. In addition to the great range from some big names, M&S sell four of their own beers, brewed under contract by Meantime,...
Supermarket Tasting Notes

Supermarket Tasting Notes

A post on Reddit caught my eye today, and led me to this Daily Mail article (*spits*) about the culprit. Somewhere in Brixton, supermarket tasting notes are being amended and replaced with comedy gold. The original image was this one:   It’s not the first time that tasting notes on a supermarket shelf has made me...