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BrewDog's Punkectomy

BrewDog’s Punkectomy

The fact that I write about BrewDog is both a good and a bad thing I guess. They’re doing a lot worth talking about, a lot of it a bit controversial (but that’s how they got where they are) and it shows just how much they are bringing craft beer into the mainstream. However, there...
Beer Cocktails in The Wild - Ginger Punk

Beer Cocktails in The Wild – Ginger Punk

The last of BrewDog’s beer cocktails on offer isn’t really a cocktail at all. It’s separated from the rest of the menu too.¬†Ginger Punk is exactly what it sounds like – a Ginger Beer with Punk IPA. I do like the addition at the end there – you can add rum for an extra couple...