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Equity for Punks...Again

Equity for Punks…Again

The $1 Billion Ballast Point deal earlier this month had me thinking about value and growth in the craft beer industry, and about a previous deal that I had covered – BrewDog’s Equity for Punks 4. James Watt’s ears must have been burning, because he sent me an email on exactly the same subject last...
IOU Beer: Innis & Gunn Bonds

IOU Beer: Innis & Gunn Bonds

It’s time for what seems to be becoming a regular feature on The Missing Drink – Should I Invest in that Brewery? This month it’s Innis & Gunn that wants your money, so they can stop contract brewing in Glasgow and move all production activity to a site in the South East of Scotland. But...
Investing in BrewDog - When Punks get Punk'd

Investing in BrewDog – When Punks get Punk’d

Remember how I wrote about the Camden Town crowdfunding scheme a while back? They were looking to raise ¬£1.5 million for 2% of the business. Well the campaign finished on the 21st of April, so there won’t be any more discussion on fundraising and investment in the brewing industry¬†for a little while. Aaaaaaaaand that’s enough...
When Camden Town Went on Dragons' Den

When Camden Town Went on Dragons’ Den

Disclaimer: The following is a fictional, tongue in cheek account and not meant to offend anyone at Camden Town or in the Dragons’ Den (I’m sure they have too much cash to be offended anyway.). Any national stereotypes or criticisms of business practices are not to be taken seriously but merely as the product of...