Welcome to The Missing Drink

Nice to meet you guys! I’m Martin and as Founder of The Missing Drink I’d like to offer you a warm welcome, raise a glass and say Cheers!
As a self-proclaimed connoisseur of the produce of the drinks industry I finally got sick of boring friends, family and colleagues with limitless info and nerdy details about up and coming produce in the beverage industry and decided to take to the keyboard so that I could share my expertise with those that really cared and loved a good brew just as much as I do.
If you can drink it then I probably love it, whether it’s the taste the ingredients, the history or the recipe there is likely to be something that draws me to it and that most of all, I find comment worthy. The aim is that popping by at The Missing Drink will fill you with all kinds of joy and help you on your way to discovering some of the very best beverages the world has to offer. From craft beer, cocktails, coffee, shakes and tea there will be some great tips and serving suggestions right at your finger tips.
I find the history behind some of the most common drinks in the industry absolutely fascinating and it leads into some interesting questions about how beverages are used in society currently as well as how they will be produced and consumed in the future. But, to start us off let’s take a look into one of my favourites, The Brew Dog Brewery, how they began and how they got to where they are now…