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BrewDog's Punkectomy

BrewDog’s Punkectomy

The fact that I write about BrewDog is both a good and a bad thing I guess. They’re doing a lot worth talking about, a lot of it a bit controversial (but that’s how they got where they are) and it shows just how much they are bringing craft beer into the mainstream. However, there...
The end of Craft Beer? There never was Craft Beer

The end of Craft Beer? There never was Craft Beer

Earlier this week, esteemed British Beer writer Roger Protz wrote in the Publican’s Morning Advertiser, warning that the end may be nigh – the purchase of our young, beloved craft breweries by big brewers and mega corps could be the death of them all, leaving only the largest with their heads above water. His argument: brewing...
Equity for Punks...Again

Equity for Punks…Again

The $1 Billion Ballast Point deal earlier this month had me thinking about value and growth in the craft beer industry, and about a previous deal that I had covered – BrewDog’s Equity for Punks 4. James Watt’s ears must have been burning, because he sent me an email on exactly the same subject last...
BrewDog Nanny State

BrewDog Nanny State

I’ve written a lot about BrewDog recently, so I thought it appropriate to actually take a look at one of their products. But not one of the usual suspects. Oh no. That would be dull. I’m going for the low alcohol beer introduced in the wake of the furore around high ABV monster Sink the...
The Name's Bond. BrewDog Bond.

The Name’s Bond. BrewDog Bond.

Remember a few months ago I wrote about investing in BrewDog? Remember, they announced the fourth round of their crowdfunding scheme Equity for Punks, that sought to raise £25million and valued the company at £305million? Remember how I called the scheme out because there were no clear ways on how you would make money on...
Out Come the Brickbats for Brewdog

Out Come the Brickbats for Brewdog

“It’s the way in the UK, sadly, that once you have a modicum of success you get brickbats,” says Simon Webster, MD at Thornbridge. The Derbyshire brewery was recognised by Pete Brown as one of the UK’s first “craft” breweries alongside BrewDog in an article for Imbibe magazine on the founding geeks becoming the big guys...
IOU Beer: Innis & Gunn Bonds

IOU Beer: Innis & Gunn Bonds

It’s time for what seems to be becoming a regular feature on The Missing Drink – Should I Invest in that Brewery? This month it’s Innis & Gunn that wants your money, so they can stop contract brewing in Glasgow and move all production activity to a site in the South East of Scotland. But...
Investing in BrewDog - When Punks get Punk'd

Investing in BrewDog – When Punks get Punk’d

Remember how I wrote about the Camden Town crowdfunding scheme a while back? They were looking to raise £1.5 million for 2% of the business. Well the campaign finished on the 21st of April, so there won’t be any more discussion on fundraising and investment in the brewing industry for a little while. Aaaaaaaaand that’s enough...
Beer Cocktails in The Wild - Ginger Punk

Beer Cocktails in The Wild – Ginger Punk

The last of BrewDog’s beer cocktails on offer isn’t really a cocktail at all. It’s separated from the rest of the menu too. Ginger Punk is exactly what it sounds like – a Ginger Beer with Punk IPA. I do like the addition at the end there – you can add rum for an extra couple...