From Siren Craft Brew comes White IPA (now called White Tips). Funnily enough, this is a White IPA, brewed with spices and citrus peel. So I’m expecting a wit with a hop kick. I do love a bit of fusion.

After a very satisfying short hiss from the bottle, the beer is a crystal clear pale gold with a marshmallowy white, tight head that isn’t going anywhere. Ten minutes after pouring, it has only collapsed in the middle slightly, but is full around the edges and showing no signs of leaving.

Siren Whit Tips Whit IPA

The aroma is a mouth watering combination of peaches in syrup, grassy herbs and a slightly medicinal tang, like a really fruity Orval.

The flavour is initially clean and sweet with a sticky orange flavour, but then the heavy load of hops kicks in, growing and fading like bitter sherbert fizzling out on your tongue. Green hop notes take pride of place at the finish, before fading away leaving absolutely nothing – no sticky mouth, no oily film, no hop-induced dryness. Just satisfaction.

The bottle says this is “a balanced IPA that is sure to draw you in wave after wave” and with so much going on from fruit to spice and a balanced hop explosion, all in a clean and refreshing 4.5% beer, you could indeed happily sit mouth open, gulping down wave after wave.

All that considering the best before date of this bottle is 31st September 2014. The hops have no doubt dulled, but they are still noticably present, and the wit yeast and citrus/spice combination provides plenty to take your mind off the shameful fact that this is an aged IPA. Just goes to show you shouldn’t turn your nose up just because the label says it’s past its best. For all I know, this might be better than a day old bottle.

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