Siren Liquid Mistress is a beautiful bright red ale described as the brewery’s “femme fatale”. Her “sensualness” is apparently “biscuit, raisins, peach and grapefruit” and “Her devious hop hit” is listed as her particular danger.

It’s a deep ruby red colour. A fluffy head looks like the tinged-brown froth of coffee. Held up to the light, the red is dulled, like a rich amber.

siren liquid mistress

The sweet aroma of peach is definitely present, and is indeed joined by the sweet, sticky scents of dark fruits. There’s resinous hops in there, smelling just as rich and sticky as the whiff of caramel that accompanies it.

Sweetness is joined my roasted notes in the flavour, like a fig jam on slightly burnt toast. Right at the finish is a woody, citrussy hop burst that lingers as the other flavours fade. There’s an earthy spice just like rye bread that fills the senses. Orange oils, sappy wood and a subtle hint of smoke continue as all hints of stewed fruit melt away, leaving a really pleasing flavour of honey without the cloying sweetness.

The only downside for me is the high level of carbonation. The fizz is a bit of an assault on the front of your tongue, but it doesn’t feel too gassy going down. No unwanted burps were induced (correction: one unwanted burp was induced after this paragraph was written), but I do think that it’s a touch too much.

It was, overall, decent. But I wouldn’t go out of my way for another one. Drinkable, but not quaffable. There’s just too much toasty rye bread going on, which won’t be masked by any sweetness or hop flavour. It doesn’t taste like it’s 5.8% – it’s very drinkable for the ABV, but that big toasty earthy flavour would put me off going for a second bottle.

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