waen snowball

Waen Snowball Beer Review

waen snowball

Style: Stout

ABV: 7.0%

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Waen Snowball Tasting Notes

Visual: Jet black with a biscuit brown head growing then shrinking rapidly.

Nose: Roasted malts, vanilla and chocolate, with sweet coconut the predominant scent. Ripe fruit, mild creamy coffee and licorice notes.

Taste: Roasted coffee with a top note of dry coconut and hints of juicy red fruits.

Mouthfeel: High carbonation and thin body. Watery, with a dry finish. Refreshing and light.

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On the Bottle

waen snowball

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Christmas just isn’t Christmas without the wintery beers it inspires. This offering from Waen Brewery is a refreshing change from the usual Christmassy puns pasted over the usual dark ales that you’d expect to be pedaled at this time of year.

Say the word “Snowball” and you’ll get two images in your head – the ball of snow gathered from your driveway on that rare day off from school, and the marshmallow covered in desiccated coconut. That simple use to recreate the fluffy texture of real snow has miraculously linked the tropical fruit to a white Christmas.

Waen’s take on the matter is a delightfully light but roasty stout, which blends the complimentary flavours of cocoa and vanilla with the coconut. It’s a little watery, and a little on the fizzy side, but the flavours are well balanced to give a flavour of Christmas that I never expected to recognise.

Maybe it’s the fact that last year, my dad gave me a bottle of this beer for Christmas, which I drank with my Christmas pudding. Or the fact that just the day before, I’d had a few pints of it at Wetherspoons in my hometown of Aberystwyth, just 30 miles from the brewery. So in my head, it is a taste of Christmas, but even then it had an uncanny familiarity. That coconut flavour, especially with a roasty, sweet chocolatey flavour, just whispers of lazing around after dinner, still inexplicably eating and drinking.

I hope I manage to find it on cask again this year – which may be easier than I originally thought with the Waen’s little bottle shop/bar The Gravity Station just a few minutes walk from work. Maybe I’ll have a growler of Snowball under my Christmas tree this year. Or maybe I’ll drink it as soon as I buy it.

Cheers and Happy Friday!

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