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Mixed Drinks
Homemade Limoncello

Homemade Limoncello

Limoncello is a gorgeously sweet lemon liqueur that is made and enjoyed mostly in Southern Italy. The glorious sunshine, bright blue seas and trees clinging to cliff edges on the Amalfi Coast provide the perfect backdrop for this light, lemony drink, which is making its way into bars and restaurants as a trendy after dinner...
The Fixer Upper - Crimson Cocktail

The Fixer Upper – Crimson Cocktail

The Fixer Upper – Crimson Cocktail The name of this cocktail rather gives it away – this week’s Fixer Upper will kick start you into action, with deep dark red colours letting you do it in positively regal style. – – – – – Ingredients Gin                      ...
Original Recipe - The Welshcake Cocktail

Original Recipe – The Welshcake Cocktail

Original Recipe – The Welshcake Cocktail The Welshcake is a classic of traditional Welsh cuisine, and a firm favourite even today. You can find them all around the Welsh capital, from the humble stalls in the old Victorian Market, which sell hundreds every day, to the designer stores in newly gentrified Cardiff Bay. It’s a...


Caipiroska The Caipiroska is a simple, perhaps more accessible alternative to the Caipirinha we looked at on Friday. Replacing cachaca with vodka opens this cocktail up to most drinkers, and provides a cleaner surface, a blank slate, on which to build new flavours. As a result, there are many different versions that simply replace the...


Caipirinha With the World Cup kicking off in Brazil yesterday and the home team taking a win on the opening day, there is no better time to take a look at the nation’s national cocktail. That’s right – Brazil has a national cocktail. The Caipirinha is a simple sour style cocktail, featuring lime, sugar and...
Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew

I have fond memories of Mountain Dew. When I was younger, my family did most of our food shopping in American stores on a US Navy Base. After one taste, I was constantly searching for the hyperactivity fuel that must have been the bane of my parent’s lives. Seemingly with two main ingredients – high-fructose...
The Fixer Upper - Sidecar

The Fixer Upper – Sidecar

The Fixer Upper – Sidecar Another classic to set us up for the week. This time the Sidecar, featuring brandy, orange liqueur and lemon juice in a chilled cocktail glass will pick us up. – – – – – Ingredients Brandy                          5 parts Cointreau  ...
The Fixer Upper - Daiquiri

The Fixer Upper – Daiquiri

The Fixer Upper – Daiquiri An unbelievably simple yet stunningly delicious cocktail, the Daiquiri should be one of the few cocktails everybody should know. It couldn’t be simpler – just three ingredients in what is essentially a really simple sour. Rum, lime and sugar, three products easily found in this cocktail’s homeland, Cuba. – – –...
Four Brews - Fentimans

Four Brews – Fentimans

Fentimans A very different Four Brews this week – we’ll be taking a look at four of the beautiful, old-style traditional sodas from Fentimans, who brew their beverages with select botanicals, staying faithful to the recipes of old. The story of Fentimans dates back to 1905. Thomas Fentiman, an Iron Puddler in the North of...