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This week’s beer news from Britain and around the world.

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We start in America this week, where Garrett Oliver has been named as the winner of the James Beard Award for “Outstanding Wine, Beer or Spirits Professional”. The award is highly prestigious, and it being given to the Brewmaster of Brooklyn Brewery shows just how far beer has come in the past few years.

Oliver is not just a Brewmaster. He is also a prolific speaker on the subject of great beer and putting beer on the table alongside highly respected wines, and was the editor of The Oxford Companion to Beer. The award highlights the meteoric rise of craft beer in the high end food and drink industry. The annual restaurant awards exhibit the very best in American dining, and Oliver’s award is testament to his efforts in promoting beer as a valuable addition to dining tables in the world’s top restaurants.

cantillon wall of bottlesIn Europe, some sad news, with Cantillon taking to Facebook to reveal that a thief has stolen some rare beers from the brewery and is selling them in the US. Cantillion’s brewery is a maze of open storage areas, with bottles stacked high in plain view. One visitor has broken the trust the brewers have for their fans, and has the cheek to make a profit from it. Sad news for the craft beer community, which likes to think of itself as supportive and cooperative.

Similar news in the UK, with Hanlon’s Brewery near Exeter offering beer as a reward for any information leading to the capture of thieves who stole a safe from the brewery using a pallet truck. Perhaps not as mysterious and romantic as stealing rare bottles from one of Europe’s most respected breweries, but still a terrible blow to the brewery concerned. A new business, in the early stages of growth, this is exactly what they didn’t need. Hopefully they’ll be able to bounce back, with free beer a great way to get the community to help.

In Britain, the trend for bands to brew their own beers has produced a result for Robinson’s. Their “most successful new product” is Trooper, brewed with Iron Maiden. This week it was announced that over five million pints have been produced and it was confirmed that the beer will be the official ale of the Sonisphere Music festival. Some have criticised beers such as this, as well as Robinson’s brew with Elbow – Build a Rocket Boys – as being gimmicks, though the success of Tropper may suggest otherwise.


Finally, one of the world’s best football coaches got something beer lovers worldwide often dream about – a drenching in beer. Pep Guardiola was showered in beer after his Bayern Munich team finished their title-winning season with another victory. What I wouldn’t give…

He isn’t a stranger to a good German brew, Pep…


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