Buffalo Bar is a popular spot for Cardiff’s students and the rest of the city’s nightowls, serving everything from bottles of Red Stripe and Stella to Schneider Weiss and Brooklyn Seasonals. On a quiet Sunday afternoon having a lovely Sunday Roast with the better half, I had a chance to flick through the popular cocktail menu for the first time, to see what all the fuss is about.

The cocktails are very well priced – £7.50, or £8.50 for Champagne cocktails, and with a 2 for 1 offer until midnight every day – and they feature great ingredients. The spirits aren’t just the plain old rail bottles, and fresh citrus is used in all of them. Not really much to ask, but after recent experiences it feels like a bonus.

There, near the top of the second-to-last page was this:

beer cocktails hoegaarden

As an ingredient in Beer Cocktails Hoegaarden promises to do quite well. It is light and refreshing, with a distinctive flavour from the additional coriander and orange peel. This, and the good level of carbonation, will bring something new to a mixed drink.

beer cocktails hoegaarden

It looked beautiful – the crimson colour was vibrant and inviting and the foam on top was fizzing and bubbling, promising an effervescent and exciting smell. It smelled primarily of fresh juicy lemon, which combined well with the pomegranate and Creme de Mure to give a sharp tangy red fruit scent. It’s very sweet, but that sugar is cut through by the delicate spiciness from the beer. That unmistakable flavour of Hoegaarden bursts in and gives a dry, spicy quality to the flavour that mingles rather than masks the red fruits. It works superbly well alongside that tart, sugary taste and stands up remarkably well to what I thought was quite a rich flavour. I was not expecting so much beer to punch through the sweetness. The beer also brings a delicate fizz – just the right carbonation level for this mix I thought. It was a gentle, lazy tickle that made the sharp fruit and warm spices pop gently on top of the tongue.

In all, it reminded me of Jaques Fruit de Bois Cider. The carbonation, the flavour of cherry, blackcurrant, raspberry and the dry finish all reminded me of the sweet, refreshing red fruit cider I used to drink in the summer

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