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This week’s beer news from Britain and around the world.

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In British beer news, there was British success in the World Beer Cup hosted in Denver, Colorado.. Five medals were awarded to British brews, out of 4754 beers entered. It’s a pretty low number, but the event is heavily dominated by American brewers and consumers.

The best result came in the fruit wheat beer category, where Magic Rock’s Salty Kiss won Gold and Meantime Brewing’s Raspberry Wheat took Silver.

Another Silver was won by Thornbridge, with it’s White Swan in the English-style Summer Ale category, with Bronzes for Camden Town’s Gentleman’s Wit and Sharp’s Cornish Pilsner in the Witbier and International-style Lager categories.

The Guardian has released a list of the Top 10 Craft Beer Pubs in Central London. Aimed at highlighting the craft beer scene away from the usual trendy areas to the North and East of the city, dominated by the likes of BrewDog, the list features some cosy traditional pubs as well as the trendier places such as Craft Beer Co. and Holborn Whippet.

craft beer co. clerkenwell

On the other side of the Atlantic, quality problems have sparked a debate. Paul Gatza, director of the Brewer’s Association has claimed that 8 out of 10 new craft breweries need improvement. If his comments are to be taken as a judgement of the entire American craft beer scene, then lots of brewers have work to do, according to the head of their own trade organisation.

His comments come in the same week that one of America’s most respected breweries announced a serious Quality Control issue. The Bruery have had issues with quality before, but their most recent quality problems have affected  their collaboration with 3 Floyds, which has been hit by the unwanted presence of lactobacillus.

bruery 3 floyds infection

According to The Bruery, the beer itself is does not make for ideal conditions for this bacteria to survive. With that said, they do not want to risk infected beer from being drunk. As a result, they have lowered the price of the beers and suggested that the beer be drunk before the end of June, to ensure the bacteria has no time to take hold.

It was a difficult situation for The Bruery, who could either have dumped the whole batch, losing a huge amount of money but keeping the respect of some disparaging critics, or carefully managed the distribution of the beer, as they have attempted to do. This way, they can ensure the product they are proud of can reach customers who are equally excited about it, now at a cheaper price. The only problem is that they’ll have to drink it sooner rather than later, which shouldn’t be an issue.

And finally, founder of Boston Beer Company, Jim Koch, has claimed that a spoonful of yeast can keep him sober even on an evening full of drinking. The self styled craft beer catalyst claimed that a spoonful of active yeast before each beer can “mitigate the effects of alcohol”.

Jim Koch Boston Beer

I’m not sure I’ll be following this advice in the near future, but if anybody does make sure you come back here and leave us a comment telling us how well it worked. We’d be interested to know if the key to perpetual boozing has finally been found.

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